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Mando Morse Ultraflex B204 Negro

Single action two lever control. Each lever controls separately the throttle or the gearbox cable. Flush mount makes them particularly suitable for flying bridge where is more seawater splash. Built in die-cast varnished light alloy. Ergonomic soft handle. Friction built in on the throttle lever. Release on the gearbox lever to know the right position of forward, neutral, reverse. Friction and release are adjustable from exterior. Safety switch C12 (optional) allows starting only with gear in neutral position. For easy handling, throttle lever is bent, gearbox one is straight. Models B204 and B208 provided with a safety lock to avoid accidental engaging gear when throttle is on. Suitable cables C2 – C7 – C8 – Mach Zero – 33C. C22 needs kit K22 art. 42.42063...

480.99€ 320.74€ Sin Iva: 265.08€