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Cargador de Baterias para Barcos Quick SBC 2450-100A-24V-220v

Cargador de Baterias para Barcos Quick SBC 2450-100A-24V-220v, NRG Battery Charger SBC switching technology, digital communication interface CAN BUS system of digital distribution of charge that can put up to 3 parallel SBC NRG (700.1100 and high power). Charge selector for liquid electrolyte batteries open and sealed, GEL or AGM. Multiple outputs in order to charge more groups of batteries (internal MOSFET charge separator). Possibility to use the charger as a power supply without batteries. Variable speed fan cooling. Overload protection, output short circuit, overheating, overvoltage output. Fuses output integrated into the charger (for each output). User interface consists of alphanumeric backlit LCD display and 3 buttons. Reduced power mode automatically and manually. High power ..

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