Interruptor de sentina Sentinel_one_star standard

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The new bilge switch that solves the age-old problem of water in the bilge, so that the boat in your absence does not become a problem, but only a relaxing environment at the time of its use. The operation of SENTINEL is simple: when it is placed in standby power. At a time when the water level reaches the sensors, and bathes them simultaneously for at least 30 seconds SENTINEL activates the pump which will turn off automatically after 15 seconds as one of the two sensors is no longer reached the water. The two sensors in contact with water are completely isolated, so as to avoid any oxidation or galvanic currents. The aluminum body of the switch is also electrically insulated. No particular problems of positioning: its circular shape with a single central screw fixing allows the orientation of the instrument to the arrival direction of the cables (or one that makes it easier for you), thanks to its three thicknesses rear. On the front of the switch, there are three connection points represented by internally threaded brass bushings + (positive), - (negative) and P (positive terminal of the pump). The sensors consist of two plates of stainless steel AISI 316. This simple form makes it possible to adapt the sensors to any type of installation. Platelets may in fact be cut, drilled and bent to your liking. They can be fixed by plastic cable ties or a hole can be fixed by a screw or glue them with silicone. The constraints to consider are the distance between the sensors should not exceed 30cm and the length of the cables to the sensors dall’interruttore should not exceed 15m. The switch does not trigger the pump if there are fuel spills and oil.
Voltage: 10.5 V to 30V
(in the range between 16V and 21V is not operational)
Consumption Standby: 1.5 mA
Switched current: 20 A
Delay: 15 seconds to 30 seconds the triggering disengagement
Voltage drop of 0.07 V at 20A
Operating temperature:-15C to +70 C °
Dimensions Ø mm. 55, alt. mm. 30
Cable length sensors. cm 20
Package Contents:
No. 1 electronic bilge switch
No. 2 steel 316 mm.6 sensors, 3x80
No. 1 mm self-tapping screw. 3.9 x 38 (fixing screw)
No. 3 brass screws Ø. 3x6 to fix the lug to the instrument
No. 1 assembly instructions
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