Desalinizador SCHENKER 12 voltios 35 lt/h

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Desalinizador para Barco SCHENKER Modular version Electron 35 lt/h. Modelo 30M para 35 litros a la hora, maximo 900 litros al dia, Alimentacion 12 voltios , consumo 8 amperios New generation of desalinators turn seawater in very pure drinking water, using only a small quantity of electric energy (a bit more than a bulb). Simple, compact, quiet, easy to install, they have the advantage of low electric consumption , lower of more than 80 % than traditional systems. It allows direct connection with batteries, no need generator. Easy maintenance. Must only rinse with fresh water, especially when foreseen not to be in use for the next 10-15 days.

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